About Us

Energy Share of Montana is a nonprofit organization that helps Montanans overcome energy emergencies and move toward self-reliance.

Most often, the people we help are facing loss of heat or lights in their home due to reasons beyond their control, and they have no resources to pay their bill themselves.

Energy Share was established by a group of concerned people representing utility companies and nonprofit agencies. They recognized the need to help people who don’t necessarily qualify for government programs but still need a “hand up” at times.

Because Energy Share is a private non-profit organization, and not a government program, we have some flexibility outside of the established federal poverty guidelines with who we can help. A big difference between Energy Share and the federally-funded energy assistance program (LIHEAP) is that every Energy Share application and situation presented within those applications is considered individually. We consider income, but help people based on the need, the individual situation, and level of emergency.

Energy Share is not a yearly subsidy and normally not available more than once every five years or so depending on the situation. Many people don’t want to, or refuse to accept, what they consider to be a “hand-out”. If someone feels that way, they can give back to Energy Share in the form of “repayments”. The money will go back to that area to help someone else in need.

If you or someone you know finds themselves in a situation where they can’t pay their home energy costs, and they are about to have their heat source terminated, please contact the Human Resource Development Council that serves your county (see the Bill Assistance page on this website) or call the statewide Energy Share office at 1-888-779-7589.

If you have a neighbor facing loss of heat or lights, you can help them by supporting them as they apply for assistance, which can be intimidating. You can also donate to Energy Share by clicking the “Donate Now” button found on all pages of this website.

Energy Share contracts with the ten Human Development Councils (HRDCs) around the state to distribute our funds. The HRDCs also work with LIHEAP and low-income weatherization, so Energy Share is a good fit.

A comprehensive report on Energy Share of Montana’s activities throughout the preceding year is available in our annual report. The report is intended to give interested people information about the company’s activities and financial performance. If you would like a copy of our most recent annual report, please request it via email at contactus@energysharemt.com, or call us at 1-888-779-7589.