We get it, life happens. We’ll help keep your heat on!

How to Get Energy Assistance

Energy Share of Montana is an independent organization of Montanans helping neighbors maintain their self-reliance by assisting with qualifying home energy emergencies, energy safety, or energy efficiency needs.

How to Get
Emergency Bill Assistance

Energy Share applications can be obtained through your local Human Resource Development Council (HRDC).


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You Can Help Your
Neighbor Stay Warm

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With your support, we help about 2,500-3,000 Montana families a year

Energy Share of Montana is a private nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to help Montanans faced with energy emergencies meet their needs and move towards self-reliance.

Stories of Impact

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Crisis hit a family of four when Dad was diagnosed with cancer. After months of chemo and several surgeries, the financial struggles were overwhelming for this family. With Dad out of work, they were surviving on help from friends and family. It’s times like these when Energy Share is there. The family used Energy Share’s bill assistance program to keep their power on during these hard times.

Stories of Impact

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A single mom living in a rural area was having a hard enough time finding work. Things went from bad to horrible when she had to have a lower leg amputated after experiencing continuing issues with it that were unresolvable without the amputation. She needed help keeping the heat on for her and her child. Thank you for your donations that make it possible for people in situations like this to keep their homes warm.

Stories of Impact

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

An elderly man, not in great health but working as much as he could, was unable to keep up on his utility bill. His wife had severe health problems and needed major surgery. On a fixed income, they applied for and received assistance through Energy Share.